Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy November!

good morning everyone!

my my how its been so long! i know i've taken an extra long hiatus (umm last post...april?) but i've decided to revive this dusty ol' thing. its nov. 1. new month. new things to do. new adventures to be had. i'm excited! weeee! anyway, i'm cutting it short for now because i have to make some paper, but guess what today is...


i LOVE marathon day! its so inspiring! good luck to all you runners out there. some day soon, i'll be joining you!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Guilty Pleasure Gifts

i know i said if dreamers can dream, i would dream up the cartier love bracelet as a graduation gift. but i mean, i wouldn't be opposed to these either...

keeping up with the kardashians, season 1

californication, seasons 1 & 2

i've always loved californication, but keeping up with the kardashians is my new obsession. 


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


if dreamers can dream, this is what i would dream up for a graduation gift...

cartier 18k love bracelet

though the photo is of the version with the alternating diamonds, i would much rather have the solid gold one. oh, if only.

there is also a Chloe bag that i find to be rather beautiful, but i think this is more fitting.

however, i would be just fine with my rent being paid. 
first things first, i guess.
until then, the dream lives on.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chris Botti

apparently hottie mchotpants is going to be playing a free show at borders on friday. 
and you can bet that my 40 year old, hotflash-having self will be there. 

oh you betcha.

St. Sebastian, Exquisite Pain

Damien Hirst, St. Sebastian, Exquisite Pain

wild. absolutely wild. 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Oprah, But...

her bff Gayle! yeah, i saw her at lunch today. i was so excited i almost spilt soy sauce on myself. 
i'm taking this as a sign from the magazine publishing gods that i should be working for her. end of story. 


i read in the NY Times this morning that MTV is bringing back music vidjas...yet they'll be playing them in the morning from 3 AM to 9AM. they will also be bringing back MTV Unplugged (YES!), but alas, will also be showing it in the AM (boo). 

now tell me MTV, what makes you think this is a smart idea? what about the people who are excited that you are bringing Unplugged back, but don't want to watch it online because you tell them to since they can't watch it in the morning? what if i actually hate watching tv in general on my computer? yeah, you're just chuck full of ideas MTV. brilliant ones. just like the one when you decided to give Whitney Port her own show. yeah, look how well that turned out.