Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chris Botti

apparently hottie mchotpants is going to be playing a free show at borders on friday. 
and you can bet that my 40 year old, hotflash-having self will be there. 

oh you betcha.

St. Sebastian, Exquisite Pain

Damien Hirst, St. Sebastian, Exquisite Pain

wild. absolutely wild. 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Oprah, But...

her bff Gayle! yeah, i saw her at lunch today. i was so excited i almost spilt soy sauce on myself. 
i'm taking this as a sign from the magazine publishing gods that i should be working for her. end of story. 


i read in the NY Times this morning that MTV is bringing back music vidjas...yet they'll be playing them in the morning from 3 AM to 9AM. they will also be bringing back MTV Unplugged (YES!), but alas, will also be showing it in the AM (boo). 

now tell me MTV, what makes you think this is a smart idea? what about the people who are excited that you are bringing Unplugged back, but don't want to watch it online because you tell them to since they can't watch it in the morning? what if i actually hate watching tv in general on my computer? yeah, you're just chuck full of ideas MTV. brilliant ones. just like the one when you decided to give Whitney Port her own show. yeah, look how well that turned out.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


to those couples that like to make out in the elevators when its just me, you and your significant other...
please don't ever do it. again. ever. 

unless you want me to vom on your shoes.


Domino's Book of Decorating

another book i had in my hands and failed to leave the store with...
Domino's The Book of Decorating

i don't just want. i need.

Caravaggio's Lost Painting

i saw this today and i am a little mad at myself for opting to wait on it.
its jonathan harr's book, the lost painting, chronicling the search for a lost Caravaggio called the taking of christ...
oh Caravaggio, the things you do to me.


so i just got back from barnes and noble looking for books on damien hirst for my final art paper. i was sadly defeated and retreated to the health/beauty section (or at least that is where i wanted to go) when i came upon this gem...

let's just say i taught myself a lot about drugs today. i didn't end up buying it, but i may have to go back for it. however, i did sit down to read it for a while and the area i was in was SUPER crowded. then i was looking at what isles were drawing these people...

...that's when i realized i wasn't in the "health" section, but in the "self improvement" section...mixed with "wicca and witchcraft". 

i closed the book and left after that.


this has been on rotation today and i forgot how much i really enjoy this album

the kooks - konk

get it.
got it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hugh Grant

i'm watching Bridget Jones with Bana and, well...

Hugh Grant, why are you so hot?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Operation: Black 'til Graduation

"shayne, you look like the uni bomber!" - maria

"what is this? all this space and clean air?...i'm allergic to things like picnics and Frisbee throwing and the like!" - shayne and maria

quotes from our class venture to Fordham-Rose Hill that became catalysts to the proposed vow (which i have taken) to wear nothing but black until graduation. yeah, if we didn't scream "city" by the way we already looked, i don't know what else could.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kim and Complex

i mean, i intern in the photo department of a magazine but...

oh kimmy. i just love it when magazines eff up and get caught with things like this.

speaking of...did anyone watch keeping up with the kardashians on sunday? SO funny

Friday, March 20, 2009

Terry Richardson for Rolling Stone

god, terry. 

in the words of justin timberlake: "you're freaky, but i like it."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break

happy spring break everyone! 


Friday, March 13, 2009

For All This, Nature Is Never Spent

banerjee - caribou migration

this is one of the works that will be in the art show (opening tonight) which i have been helping curate for my class. i'm pretty sure this is my favorite piece in the entire show.

weee!! happy opening!! 
maybe now i can have some of my life back!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kathy Griffin

after practically pulling an all-nighter, an early presentation in my modern latin american art class and then being put through a day of work, it is safe to say i was delusional by 5:30 pm when my boss said i could go home early. 

in my haze, i made my way out of the office and as i was going down the escalator, i looked outside to see a bunch of cameras and lights. that was when i started praying to the infantile jesus that they weren't filming "running in heels", because i really couldn't be bothered. i attempted to ignore what was going on as i made my way out the rotating door, but as soon as i hit the pole barricade... well, i was practically jumped by this beautiful woman...

yes. that's right. kathy griffin. except i didn't know it was kathy griffin because i was just trying to exit the building so i could go home and sleep. 

girlfriend was filming an episode of my life on the D list and she was asking me if i worked for O, The Oprah Magazine and telling me how she just wanted to find Gayle so she could be her friend. the funny thing about this is how she was shoving flyers at me and i was apprehensive on taking one (as all people in new york are with things like that), yet trying to read it at the same time. and it didn't click in my head that it was kathy griffin until i walked five feet away. 

and then i was chased down by a man to sign a release form.

so look for me on the new season, i guess? hah!

god i'm such a moron. i love kathy griffin. i wish i was actually a functioning human today because i would have chatted girlfriend up.

Friday, March 6, 2009


yeah. that's right. be jealous. U2 performed at Fordham at the ass crack of dawn this morning for Good Morning America and it was unrealllllll...
mike suppe for brooklyn vegan
my own photos suck. (i think it was because i was too excited). 

anyway, if you missed it...well, you really missed it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Fordham will be pandemonium. and i'm not tellin' whyyyyy...

hint: just turn on Good Morning America