Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sperry Top-Siders

when i got dressed this morning, i realized how much better my outfit would have been with these...

i've been coveting them for some time now and believe they will be my "shoe to sport" in the spring. or all year long. because i love them...that much. they are so much more exciting than the vans i had picked out a while ago. (even though, i still wouldn't mind having a pair in white).

i also enjoy how when you go to the opening page of Sperry's website, you are greeted with A PASSION FOR THE SEA in large, obnoxious lettering and how there is a category in women's shoes called, "nautical casuals."

i'm such a yup today. if only you could see what i'm wearing. 

oh, and i usually take a 7.5 just in case you're wondering.


Monograming & Initialing

as i was online shopping at anthropologie for my boss yesterday, i came across these items that reminded me of my secret (yet selective) adoration for personalized objects and trinkets...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quote of the Day

"every time i think 'yes, maybe i do! maybe i do love him!'...he decides to wet the bed."

-past & future roommate extraordinaire and favorite jew, Allison Lebowitz


i pretty much feel like this today...yeah.

Quote of the Day

"I think all women should be on a pedestal."

- the digital imaging specialist at work while i was using the step stool in the archives

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coffee Table

i randomly found this on google. it is a coffee table shaped like a paper plane. i kind of want it for my currently non-existent/future apt. thoughts? allison? 

death by life

why is it that all of a sudden, i feel like my life is trying to attack me and kill me from 20 different angles? someone just shoot me in the foot, please.

or least just hose me down with one of these...

this came up when i searched "squirt gun" in google. remember when these babies were the thing to have in the summer? take me back to the days of super soakers. preferably the ones with the "extra ammo backpack." 

times were much simpler then. 

Journalism & Jesus... not mix as made evident today in my newspaper meeting. apparently, someone is writing a piece about indulgences "returning" to the catholic church, as it was reported in the NYTimes on Feb. 10. basically, the workshopping of the story revealed that the writer failed miserably at their research. (someone on the paper is a major religion buff and proceeded to call them out on everything). surprisingly, they are still going to run this (on the front page) of the issue on stands thursday. 

so my point is...there is no point. except that i was impressed with the writer (who ripped the story to shreds) and her wealth of religious knowledge. 

and that it made me think of this little trinket i found on saturday night...

i found it. i love little religious trinkets as i believe them to be neat. i also did not STEAL it like my beloved allison lebowitz* will try to tell you. 

but if it makes you feel better alli, maybe i'll go to confession to ask forgiveness for my sins. or better yet, i'll get an indulgence since it is all the rage these days!

*i don't even know why this bothers her so much seeing that she's jewish. kidding! love you alli!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tom Brokaw

i just found out T-bone is going to be my commencement speaker.
i just got unnecessarily excited in my cubicle.

keep in mind, this is also on the condition that i do actually graduate.

To: Kato

my brother is starting tryouts for his high school golf team today. i really hope he makes it.
good luck kato. i know you'll kick some UNI ass. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009


name: ejd
last possible whereabouts: in the boondocks of wisconsin
if found, please return to: me

thank you.

Red Carpet Trainwreck

i'm seeing a lot of ugly on the red carpet right now. so much, that i'm feeling nauseous - too nauseous to even try to post photos. i'll do it tomorrow. but i'll leave you with this - sjp, you always get it right. 

Alice Tully Hall

i forgot to make a post when they took the scaffolding off, but that is neither here nor there.

the point is... its amazing!

i live just five blocks down and i am so excited that it is finally finished. snaps to diller scofidio + renfro on the design. the first time i walked by and saw it without the scaffolding, i could barely contain myself. i'm really going to miss living in the area come may. is probably one of the greatest things to grace the TINTernet* these days. i sadly spent half of my morning on it. what i bought? i have no idea.

i really need to stop this madness and write some papers. 

*TINTernet -> how my british roommate says "internet"

Louis Vuitton

shoot me in the foot for saying it, but I'm not much of a Louis Vuitton fan.
I almost think of it as the "big name label" for people who know nothing about fashion.
(I also think it is quite unfair that Marc Jacobs is the head of the brand as well as having his own - domination of both the french and american markets? hello? can we say fashion monopoly? (but did you also hear the nasty rumor that the Marc brand is going bankrupt? whatttt???))
however, I have been caught debating with myself about "if I ever were to own Vuitton, what would be the bag?" *
and I think I finally decided on...

although, I would be accepting of the damier canvas speedy 30 if it were given to me.

and, in terms of luggage, I don't think I could ever say no to the monogram keepall 60 with the shoulder strap...
*obviously, I give a nod to the seasonal bags when a good bunch comes out.

Mexico, 1989

the author's first time crossing the border with Nana & Mother.
i don't think it gets any better.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Francis Bacon

i saw this at MOMA today and i had totally forgotten how amazingly psychotic Francis Bacon is...
"Painting 1946"

he's so horrifying that he's exciting - and i love it! here's another one of his more famous works...
"Study After Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X" 1953

oh Francis, you're such a creep.

Terry Richardson

after getting shit on my way to MoMA, i worked on my project and then headed to the book section on my way out. i decided to flip through the terry richardson book. i still don't know if that was such a good idea. here, one of his more "modest" photographs from (i believe) a tom ford campaign...

Pigeon Poop

on my way to work on a project at MOMA, i was pooped on. by a pigeon. right on my forehead. therefore i empathize with and, needless to say, felt much like the small child in the photo below...

i was on the phone with my brother when i felt this little wet "plop." that was when i said to myself (and my brother), "ohmygod. did i just get shit on?" i wiped my forehead with my sleeve and sure enough, pigeon poop. not only on my forehead/in my hair, but now on my sleeve. i told my brother i had to call him back, made a mad dash to the MOMA to check in, all the while hoping there wasn't more poop in my hair or on any other visible area (especially while speaking to the front desk.) 

has this ever happened to anyone? because this marked the second time i've had this happen. (in my life and also in a two year span.) and now that i think about it, i was on the phone with my brother the last time it happened. they say that getting pooped on is good luck, but now i'm just starting to think my brother is bad luck. 

in total, this is just another reason why i hate pigeons. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

1770 House

i read about 1770 House in the NYTimes today and i decided to check it out online.
and now, i want to go.
if not to stay, to eat at their tavern at least - everything about it is just so charming.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nina Garcia

on my way back into my place of work after getting a venti iced coffee this morning, i had a sighting...

having worked in the building for some time, i'm surprised i have never seen her before. but today, i was graced with her presence as she was leaving the building, probably headed toward The Tents. she is very petite and normal looking and it was like a ray of light from the heavens was shining down upon her with angels singing "Hallelujah" in the background. (not to mention, i wanted to jump tackle her for her shoes - i think they were either Jimmy or Manolo.) 

anyway, Nina, you made my day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i just saw Milk with my bf here in Chicago and i loved it. so take my word for it when i tell you to go check it out and that sean penn is still sexy...even when batting for the other team.

Monday, February 9, 2009


a goddess among mere mortals.