Monday, September 29, 2008

Tegan & Sara

Tegan & Sara are, hands down, one of my top favorite artists of all time.
I love everything about them.
From them being twin sisters and both being lesbians; From their depth in their latest album, "The Con," to their shows that will blow any other artist that you've seen...out of the water.
Everything. I love everything.

I can't wait to see them on Sunday at Terminal 5 and dance the night away with all the lezzies.
Woot Woot!

And if you haven't listened to "The Con" or any of their other albums for that matter,
 I suggest you do so...

Frida Kahlo

As an art history major, I am consistently inundated with different artists and their work.
But Frida Kahlo has always remained a favorite with me. 
Not just of her work, but of her as a person and everything she embodied
Through all of her physical and emotional strife, she remained a strong, brave and beautiful woman - and also knew how to rock the unibrow.
In my opinion, her work is far superior than that of her husband, Diego Rivera, and it is a shame how she was overshadowed by him for so long while she was alive.
Powerful, painful and hopeful - I'm glad her work is finally getting the credit it deserves.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I have been fortunate enough to see in person. 
If you missed the show that traveled to San Fran, Philly and Minneapolis...
well, you really really missed out.
"The Two Fridas" 1939

The scale of this is absolutely incredible and I cannot even begin to explain it.

"Self-Portrait with Chopped Hair" 1940

The inscription reads: "Look, if I loved you it was because of your hair. Now that you are without hair, I don't love you anymore."
They are lyrics from a Mexican folk song - I absolutely love it.

"The Dream" 1940

I have been trying to find a print of this for my room. I had never seen it up until attending the show in Philly. And though I love all her work, I may go as far in saying this is my favorite thing she's done.

Sweet Ups

During my Friday night drunken stooper, I ended up in Brooklyn.
And I ended up here.
Sweet Ups (277 Graham Ave)
The funny part is that we meant to go to Royal Oak, which is actually owned by the same people,
but my sense of memory and direction failed me.
Oh well. Close enough.

It was pretty slammin' though and the people were rather good looking.
I'm sure I'll be back again soon.
After I actually make it to Royal Oak, that is.

Hot Chip

I've been listening to this all weekend and it is goooooood...

Yeah, it came out in February, but better late than never right?
I know they are the calmer tracks on the album, but I can't stop listening to "We're Looking For a Lot of Love" and "Made in the Dark." 
They are playing this weekend at Terminal 5 and I am highly considering going.
Even though when I saw them last year, their system was so loud my insides were rattling and I thought my organs were going to explode. 

But I think that is worth overlooking.

Louise Bourgeois

On Friday, I went to the Louise Bourgeois show at the Guggenheim for my Advanced Seminar in Modern Art class.
I was...errrr...shall I say...uneasy about it?
I have a pretty darn open mind when it comes to art, but I don't know...
I have never seen Ms. Bourgeois' work before and I can't say that I enjoyed it very much.
I found it to be rather violent, overtly sexual and at many times, grotesque.
Which is funny because now that I look at images online, it might be growing on me.
Maybe not.
I was going to say something, 
and now I am not even going to go there.

David Duchovny, why don't you love me?

If you don't already watch Californication on Showtime, I really think you should.
I finished watching Season 1 this afternoon just in time for Season 2, which premiered tonight.
Sweet holy hell.
David Duchovny can 


I don't care if PETA decides to stalk me after this post,
but I just thought I should mention (since it is getting colder)
how much I love fur.
Especially lynx fur.
I found this beauty on Ebay tonight and I cry on the inside because I lack the $cash moneyz$ to drop on this baby.
And I'm really into the fur vest thing lately too.
I also enjoy stoles, scarves and coats with big fur collars.
Oooo and hats!
Maybe when I'm 70 and don fabulous white hair will I rock the full length coat, 
but right now I am the more simple fur girl.

Knowing that I cannot have this in my wardrobe makes me very sad just looking at it.
However, there is a lynx stole I found at a boutique out in Brooklyn that is in my price range.
Birthday present? Oh boy, do I hope so.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Currently Reading...

I finished my Brooklyn street book, It's How You Play the Game - A Novel by Jimmy Gleacher, in practically 3 days and it was fantastic. 
I could have ripped through it quicker if I had a little more "me" time, but oh well.

I have now moved on to this guy...

I've attempted to read it I don't know how many times and unfortunately always seem to put it down at a certain point,
only to never pick it up again. 
I'm determined to actually finish it this time around. 
The film is one of my favorites and already the book is riveting and chock-full of fantastic description. 
Mmmm yessss.
Wish me luck.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Central Park Lovers

As I strolled through Central Park today on my way to and from the Met, 
I realized how much I love the lovers of the Park. 
I know you've seen them.
And yeah, you've probably been one of them too 
(because I know I have.)
But there is something to be said about these love birds:
how they are absolutely and completely oblivious to the fact that even though they are laying in the grass...every passer-by CAN STILL SEE THEM.
I love it.
It makes me laugh a lot.

However, the couples that I enjoy the most are the ones who engage in heavy petting in plain view. 
They are by far the more courageous of the Park lovers. 
And for that, I give you horn balls major snaps.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Happy Birthday to two of the most ridiculous men I have ever had the privilege of knowing.
And loving, for that matter.
Happy Belated to my Faja (9.11)
and Happy 16th to my bro (today)
Love you both

Street Books

I found this sucker on the street today in Brooklyn for $5.

I finally finished Love the One You're With, (in one day), and I'm totally pumped to read this one.


I had the greatest thrill of going here today and thought you all should know about it...

It's called Catbird and it is full of trinkets.
I found the most incredible ring there, (among many other things), by the New York based design duo, Bing Bang
The label was started by jewelry designer Anna Sheffield and her brother. 
The ring looks like a belt buckle and comes in silver, 14k and 24k gold.
I'm after the 14k.
I've been having issues finding a picture, but when I do I'll make sure to post it.
But anyway, if you're ever in the area, check this place out.
It's right off of Bedford Avenue and N. 5th Street next to Fabiane's. (Hit them up while you're at it too.)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Modern Wing

Yesterday, I hit up the Modern wing of the Met for my Advanced Seminar in Modern Art class that I'm taking.
I have never really gone through the Modern wing and I'm really glad I did. 
I finally got to see some things I've been meaning to see.
Like this...
Jeff Koons "On the Roof" show

This picture doesn't really do the colors of the pieces justice.
His work is just so fun and playful to see.
And if I had a rooftop apt, I totally would want a "Balloon Dog" to go on it.

Damien Hirst "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living"

I am obsessed with sharks.
So obsessed that I basically live for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and I have told my parents to not be surprised if I call them one day, at 45 years old, and tell them, "Family, I am quitting my job and leaving for the Caribbean to study sharks in their natural state."
So naturally, the Hirst shark has been something on my list of things to see.
And MAN, shit is WILD! 
My mouth literally dropped when I walked into the room where it was installed. 
It is SO cool, yet SO creepy that I felt as excited as a 5 year old on Christmas day mixed with the hee-bee-gee-bees.
I really didn't know what to do with myself.
I finally looked more into his work last night and it is just...out there.
So eerie. And I'm fascinated by it.

Tara Donovan's Untitled (Mylar) Installation

I really enjoyed this.
Donovan is known for using ordinary products to make something, well, extraordinary.
Here, she used silver Mylar tape that she made into connecting ringlets.
It reminds me of a pattern you see on crisp, clean, white, modern linens.

Yeah yeah, I know this isn't ultra Modern, but its Manet - who's work is said to mark the beginning of the Modern period. 
This hangs in the 19th Century galleries of the Met.
Its called, "Mademoiselle the costume of an espada"
It dawned on me yesterday how much I enjoy Manet and large scale 19th cen. paintings.
Especially portraiture.

The day I can have a house full of these...
boy, that will be the day.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dislike Post #2

After sweating all the booze out of my system via my 7 am run in the park, I went to Whole Foods to do a bit of grocery shopping. 
And much to my dismay, one of my biggest pet peeves occurred while waiting to order my Jamba Juice...
having someone stand too close behind me in line. 
I HATE this. 
To the point where sometimes I feel like asking, "will standing unnecessarily close to me REALLY make the line move all that much quicker?"
Because as far as I have been informed, 
It just makes me crazy. 
And its an even better experience when the person who does this to me is a Manhattan Mom.*
Why are you in such a rush? 
You don't have kids to pick up.
You don't have a job to go to.
Unless your rush is your mission to find out if your husband is cheating on you with his secretary. 
THEN, I will understand.


*Note: I actually LOVE Manhattan Moms and the mythical, magical creatures that they are. Really, I do.

Hot New York Dads

What makes me break out in a sweat faster than sitting on Sheep's Meadow on a humid New York summer day, you ask?
Hot New York dads.
Or just hot dads in general. 
I don't know what it is about them, but...DAMN!

Here, I leave you with a picture of Aidan a la Sex and the City.
Because does anyone remember the episode when Carrie runs into him and he turns around and has a kid strapped on the front of him? 
And the first thing out of your mouth was, "O.M.G."?
Because not only was he even sexier than when she dated him, but he transformed into a hot dad?

Yeah. Hot dads. Snaps for you.

Mental Vacay

For the few of you who check this for updated witty banter, I apologize for the obvious gap in my posts. I was too busy drinking, smoking, straight west coasting, etc. 
(And I can say that because I am from California and that is actually where I have been.)
But now I am back in New York and back from my mental holiday, ready to whip myself into a verbal frenzy. 
And I hope you are ready too.