Monday, March 9, 2009

Kathy Griffin

after practically pulling an all-nighter, an early presentation in my modern latin american art class and then being put through a day of work, it is safe to say i was delusional by 5:30 pm when my boss said i could go home early. 

in my haze, i made my way out of the office and as i was going down the escalator, i looked outside to see a bunch of cameras and lights. that was when i started praying to the infantile jesus that they weren't filming "running in heels", because i really couldn't be bothered. i attempted to ignore what was going on as i made my way out the rotating door, but as soon as i hit the pole barricade... well, i was practically jumped by this beautiful woman...

yes. that's right. kathy griffin. except i didn't know it was kathy griffin because i was just trying to exit the building so i could go home and sleep. 

girlfriend was filming an episode of my life on the D list and she was asking me if i worked for O, The Oprah Magazine and telling me how she just wanted to find Gayle so she could be her friend. the funny thing about this is how she was shoving flyers at me and i was apprehensive on taking one (as all people in new york are with things like that), yet trying to read it at the same time. and it didn't click in my head that it was kathy griffin until i walked five feet away. 

and then i was chased down by a man to sign a release form.

so look for me on the new season, i guess? hah!

god i'm such a moron. i love kathy griffin. i wish i was actually a functioning human today because i would have chatted girlfriend up.

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