Monday, September 29, 2008


I don't care if PETA decides to stalk me after this post,
but I just thought I should mention (since it is getting colder)
how much I love fur.
Especially lynx fur.
I found this beauty on Ebay tonight and I cry on the inside because I lack the $cash moneyz$ to drop on this baby.
And I'm really into the fur vest thing lately too.
I also enjoy stoles, scarves and coats with big fur collars.
Oooo and hats!
Maybe when I'm 70 and don fabulous white hair will I rock the full length coat, 
but right now I am the more simple fur girl.

Knowing that I cannot have this in my wardrobe makes me very sad just looking at it.
However, there is a lynx stole I found at a boutique out in Brooklyn that is in my price range.
Birthday present? Oh boy, do I hope so.

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