Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Journalism & Jesus...

...do not mix as made evident today in my newspaper meeting. apparently, someone is writing a piece about indulgences "returning" to the catholic church, as it was reported in the NYTimes on Feb. 10. basically, the workshopping of the story revealed that the writer failed miserably at their research. (someone on the paper is a major religion buff and proceeded to call them out on everything). surprisingly, they are still going to run this (on the front page) of the issue on stands thursday. 

so my point is...there is no point. except that i was impressed with the writer (who ripped the story to shreds) and her wealth of religious knowledge. 

and that it made me think of this little trinket i found on saturday night...

i found it. i love little religious trinkets as i believe them to be neat. i also did not STEAL it like my beloved allison lebowitz* will try to tell you. 

but if it makes you feel better alli, maybe i'll go to confession to ask forgiveness for my sins. or better yet, i'll get an indulgence since it is all the rage these days!

*i don't even know why this bothers her so much seeing that she's jewish. kidding! love you alli!

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