Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pigeon Poop

on my way to work on a project at MOMA, i was pooped on. by a pigeon. right on my forehead. therefore i empathize with and, needless to say, felt much like the small child in the photo below...

i was on the phone with my brother when i felt this little wet "plop." that was when i said to myself (and my brother), "ohmygod. did i just get shit on?" i wiped my forehead with my sleeve and sure enough, pigeon poop. not only on my forehead/in my hair, but now on my sleeve. i told my brother i had to call him back, made a mad dash to the MOMA to check in, all the while hoping there wasn't more poop in my hair or on any other visible area (especially while speaking to the front desk.) 

has this ever happened to anyone? because this marked the second time i've had this happen. (in my life and also in a two year span.) and now that i think about it, i was on the phone with my brother the last time it happened. they say that getting pooped on is good luck, but now i'm just starting to think my brother is bad luck. 

in total, this is just another reason why i hate pigeons. 

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