Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sperry Top-Siders

when i got dressed this morning, i realized how much better my outfit would have been with these...

i've been coveting them for some time now and believe they will be my "shoe to sport" in the spring. or all year long. because i love them...that much. they are so much more exciting than the vans i had picked out a while ago. (even though, i still wouldn't mind having a pair in white).

i also enjoy how when you go to the opening page of Sperry's website, you are greeted with A PASSION FOR THE SEA in large, obnoxious lettering and how there is a category in women's shoes called, "nautical casuals."

i'm such a yup today. if only you could see what i'm wearing. 

oh, and i usually take a 7.5 just in case you're wondering.

1 comment:

Le Fashion said...

hey love...

i added you to my blog list :) loving the shoes and can't wait to see you rocking them.

i think you should get the Vans too!