Wednesday, August 13, 2008


One of my really good friends left for Tokyo and Beijing/Shanghai yesterday 
and well, 
I'm super jealous.

I'm really fascinated by Japan and have always wanted to go. 
Another friend of mine, Caitlin, has been their all summer as a swim instructor to the kids on the Navy bases. 
I seriously considered going there for semester to study abroad, but unfortunately, things just didn't turn out. 

I really want to venture to China as well. 
I had a friend from high school who randomly went with her grandma a few years ago and the pictures she brought back were ridiculous. 
This is the Donghuamen Night Market in Beijing. 
They sell the strangest foods you can find on a skewer 
and it sounds like a total adventure to me!

Seahorse or scorpion, anyone? Haha!

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