Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Girly Girl

When I was in grade/middle school, there was this stupid rule that forbid the wearing of nail polish.
But being the smart ass 8th grader that I was, I refused to believe this rule applied to me. 
So every day, without fail, my P.E. teacher would send me to the nurse to remove it.
And day in and day out, I would still apply it only to take it off around 9 AM the next day.

Even my old boyfriend from 8th/9th grade, (who is now one of my great friends), freaked out recently,
"Oh my God! Ali King! Are you NOT wearing nail polish? But you ALWAYS wear nail polish!"
Response: "Oh, don't worry, I have some on my toes."

O.P.I "Bubble Bath" is a staple. 
Yet, ironically enough, it just flew off my bathroom counter and smashed/splattered all over my legs and not to mention on mother's tile. 
Let's just say, mother was not pleased.
(Hey, at least it wasn't black like last time...)

O.P.I "Vodka & Caviar" is another staple.
I like to call it my "Tranny Red."

These last three are some other favorites, but maybe not staples.
Well, maybe the black is...
(And if you haven't guessed, O.P.I is the favorite brand)

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