Monday, August 11, 2008


Anyone who knows me, lived with me, dated me...
knows how much I love my bathrobe. 
And not only do I love my bathrobe and being in my bathrobe,
I love passing out in my bathrobe.
Saturday night was no exception.
Sure, I had a hell of a time at The Faint, but what I forgot to mention in that story was how I came home feeling not so hot.
After I vomed (even though I was sober), I decided to take a shower to cleanse myself from the sweaty dance party and also in effort to make me feel better and maybe even relax my headache. 
As you can now guess, post-shower, I passed out* sideways on my bed in my beloved bathrobe. 
(*Lights still on and hair still in a towel turban of course)
Too much drinkin', smokin', straight west coastin' I guess.

But if you had either one of these beauts below, you would be passing out in your bathrobe too.

This one by Frette is similar to the ones my mom has at the house.

And this one by Coyuchi is the one I have at my apt. in the city.
Its 100% organic cotton and I got it for free when I worked at Bazaar. Sweet deal, huh?

Mmm, bathrobes. You make everything better.

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